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[ English Teaching in South America ]

Teach English to underprivileged kids in neighborhoods at social risk
A program run by a local Foundation is based on the necessity to promote social ties between kids from neighborhoods at social risk and young students. Their aim is to have the kids develop skills that will allow them to integrate effectively in the processes of development of their own community. Through young student volunteers they also wish for them to establish ties of trust and friendship just by sharing with them experiences, knowledge and costumes.
Volunteers will be able to give their support in group tutorships participating in different activities with a group of school kids such as English teaching. Volunteers will also encourage, together with the kids, the development of a project that is oriented towards the community such as making a garden, repair kids playing grounds, etc. These projects will be conducted in one of the impoverished areas around surrounding Santiago.
Volunteer work:
Work in special tutor groups organized at schools.
Teach basic English to primary school kids.
Share with them cultural and experiential learning.
Organize and develop projects that kids can work on to help and interact with their own community and families.
Project support:There will be VH representative assigned to each volunteer who will be in touch via phone and email during the duration of the volunteer period.
Accommodation:Accommodation at homestays or shared apartment in Santiago.
Free time:Opportunity to get to know Santiago city and its surroundings.

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